Yes, he did it and finished in fine style.

Ten-year-old Timothy Rose from Norman, OK, was already the youngest RUSA and Lone Star Randonneurs member. Now, he's also the youngest RUSA member to ever finish a 200km ACP brevet, which he did in Cleburne, Texas on March 24.

Finishing with a big smile on his face and accompanied by proud papa Johann (Hans) Rose, Tim was still bouncy and cheerful. Against some common trains of thought....Texas ain't flat! Tim and Hans tackled over 7,500 feet of climbing and some stout wind to get 'er done.

Tim was excited about this ride! Not only helping to pack the car and prep bikes, he was also overheard in the parking lot saying "C'mon Dad, quit dilly-dallying, we don't have all day to get this done." In true randonneuring spirit, he didn't complain about the uphill sections, instead commenting, "this'll be a fun part on the way back."

Tim said riding in town is better because people have smaller yards. Dogs usually only chase until the end of their territory. In the country the yards are big, so the dogs chase bikers for a long time.

Proud papa Hans says, "People have been great to Tim, making him feel welcome on the rides. I think that is the spirit of randonneuring showing through." Tim said he was proud to have done the brevet even before he had his medal in hand. Tim's dad wanted to wait a few days before he asked Tim about a 300km.

—Pam Wright