Mike Dayton

I got lucky. I found cycling as a teenager, way back in 1972. It was love at first sight. I completed my first century in 1973 and my first long distance tour in 1975. Today, three decades later, I still feel like a kid when I hop on a bike.

In the past five years, I’ve developed a passion for randonneuring. I’ve finished 5 Super Randonneur series in my home state of North Carolina. I completed PBP in 2003, the Cascade 1200 in 2005 and a 1000K this year at BMB. Like many others, I’m dreaming ahead to PBP ‘07. I’ve set up two permanents and am working toward the R-12 award.

In 2004, I was selected as RUSA’s newsletter editor. This issue wraps up my third year in the job. I’ve loved every minute of it because it gives me regular contact with other randonneurs across the country and with RUSA’s board. Those contacts have given me a real feel for our sport’s past and insight into where it’s heading.

I’ll bring my riding experience and my enthusiasm as a RUSA volunteer to the RUSA board. And at the end of the day, I’ll be out on the road for a long ride or two with my regular crew.

Don Hamilton

Don Hamilton, nominee for re-election to the RUSA Board of Directors. Occupation is a Computer Consultant. I have been cycling since 1981 and with my wife Phyllis started randonneuring on our tandem in 1997. We have completed two Paris-Brest-Paris (1999 and 2003) and have ridden many brevets in the Ohio Brevet Series. Though back problems have reduced my brevet participation, Phyllis and I continue to help out as workers for the Ohio Brevets.

I have been the RUSA Membership Chairman since the fall of 2000, RUSA Secretary in 2004 and 2005, RUSA BRM Medals Chairman in 2005 and have been a member of the Board of Directors for the past three years. One of my accomplishments as a board member was starting the RUSA Safety program which was initiated with Sam Browne style reflective sashes and reflective ankle bands. RUSA subsidizes part of the cost of these items so that RUSA members can purchase them at a low cost and be more visible and safe while on the road.

Over the past six years as a member of the RUSA volunteer team I have seen the tremendous growth of randonneuring in the USA—USA is approaching two thousand active members. With brevets in over 45 locations plus the increased number of Permanents and Flèches, there are many rides that our members can enjoy. I would like to be re-elected to the board so that I can continue to do my part in the growth of RUSA and randonneuring in the USA.

Lois Springsteen

I started cycling in 1983 and I rode my first brevet in 1990 in preparation for the 1991 Paris Brest Paris du Centenaire. I’ve been fortunate to complete Paris Brest Paris four times, the Gold Rush Randonnée in 2001 (after coordinating the route design), and I earned the R-5000 medal in 2001. In addition to riding for myself, with the help of my friends and family, I’ve raised $85,000 by riding for charity during the past 11 years. Randonneuring has given me many fine memories and some very precious friendships.

It’s been my privilege to serve RUSA since its inception with a very fine group of dedicated individuals. I’ve served on the Membership Committee, been Vice President, and currently serve as Brevet Coordinator, preparing all of our ACP results for homologation in France. I’ve represented the USA at the quadrennial RM meetings in Paris, too. In addition to my active involvement in RUSA’s day-to-day operations, I work with Bill Bryant as Regional Brevet Administrator for Santa Cruz Randonneurs and I was a control organizer at the most recent GRR. I’m proud of my active role in keeping randonneuring strong, both in northern California and across the U.S.A. I served on the Board of Directors from 2000-2005 and I would be honored if you would allow me to serve again.

Jennifer Wise

Every time I see a RUSA jersey in an event, I smile and think “That’s one of my boys.” It is with enormous pride that I have watched RUSA grow and establish itself as a leader in the world of randonneur cycling. The RUSA board is made up of some really smart, fun and dedicated people who are proven randonneurs. Okay, truth be told, I’ve ridden one brevet in my life. I’ve not ridden a full brevet series, BMB or PBP—but I have the passion. I get it. I get the whole French thing. I also get that we have our own strong American identity and a solid domestic calendar of events. Board members need to hold onto the French thing in one hand, and the American thing in the other.

While holding firm to the foundation of French cycle-touring, the board has developed RUSA guidelines, events and a sense of belonging for our members. As we move forward, it’s good to remember our roots, traditions and original focus. And that’s where I come back in. I got to thinking; as RUSA approaches its 10th anniversary in 2008, maybe my presence on the board would bring a certain balance.

• Past and present

• East and West

• Female and male

I love the dynamics of Randonneurs USA and want to keep those in place while we evolve even more. I’m good at stuff off the bike. I take ideas and turn them into reality. Just like that RUSA jersey. I’ve done it before, and I can do it again. If you believe in recycling, then vote for me.

RBA Liaison Candidates

When asked if I would consider running for RBA Liaison I said “absolutely.” I love the sport of randonneuring, even with all its sometimes-quirky rules. I would be happy to contribute in whatever way I can to help grow and foster the sport in the US, be it RBA Liaison or stuffing envelops. RUSA is a great organization with great people.

I have been involved with randonneuring off and on since 1987.... Assisting the early 2005 RBA got me further entrenched. Mid-2005 I was asked to take over the Portland series and it became my full time job with a salary that includes leftover bananas and cup-o-soups. 2006 saw tremendous growth in Portland. We formed Oregon Randonneurs, a double brevet series was scheduled and, with a great deal of help from Seattle International Randonneurs and our volunteers, the club membership and brevet attendance skyrocketed. I asked questions, I got help.

What would I do as RBA Liaison? I have always been known as an organizer and communicator. I haven’t any specific grand ideas, grand ideas exist in everyone they only need to be shared, tried out, with successes and failure communicated. I will answer questions that I can; I will admit when I do not know and find the answer for all. I will communicate to and from the RUSA board. Communicating is what I do best; I always try to do my best....