To keep the newsletter relevant to all its members, RUSA has assembled an editorial board that will asssist with the planning and proofing of each issue.

The board includes several members who were actively involved in founding RUSA and have had a hand in its day-to-day operations.

All editorial board members have contributed articles to past issues of American Randonneur.

They are: Bill Bryant (California), David Buzzee (Ohio), Kent Peterson (Washington), Susan Plonsky (Arizona), Edward Robinson (Texas), Lois Springsteen (California) and Jennifer Wise (Rhode Island).

Said editor Mike Dayton, “They’ll be keeping their eyes and ears open for any news from their neck of woods. If you’re in their region and have a story idea, please drop them a line.”

American Randonneur is published as a benefit to members four times a year—February, May, August and November.

The board will ultimately offer input and direction on RUSA’s other publications, including the annual Results Publication, the PBP Yearbook and the Member Handbook.