RUSA board members and volunteers on Aug. 20 held a special ceremony to honor Jennifer Wise for her efforts in turning Boston Montreal Boston into one of randonneuring’s premier events.

A certificate of appreciation was presented to Wise at the finish line of BMB in Newton, Mass. About 50 BMB riders were on hand for the event.

Wise and her husband Pierce Gafgen have coordinated BMB for the past 11 events. She recently announced this would be her last as its leader.

BMB is the largest 1200k event in the U.S. This year’s event had 137 starters and 116 finishers. Several participants traveled from Canada and Europe to compete in this year’s event.

The certificate of appreciation read: “Jennifer Wise, Director, Boston-Montréal-Boston, ‘the Premier American 1200km Randonnée,’ 1993-2006. The Board and Volunteers of Randonneurs USA are gratified to express their heartfelt thanks for your superb leadership of Boston-Montréal-Boston, an event which has been a cornerstone of U.S. randonneuring!”

Wise is one of RUSA’s co-founders and served as its first president for five years. She currently serves as chair of the Souvenir Committee.

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