To the editor:

I agree with Bill Bryant in his August review of Andy Pruitt’s Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists: “Along with your RUSA handbook, it is hard to imagine a more thorough book we randonneurs can make use of.”

My business, RBR Publishing Company, was the original publisher of Andy’s book. Co-author Fred Matheny and I worked with him for months to collect his great knowledge and turn it into a readable and extremely useful reference. It was published as a paperback and electronic book (eBook) sold by download from our website at

Unbeknownst to Bill, the eBook version remains available at RBR. It does lack some ancillary material, including a section for those of us “on the wrong side of 50,” as Bill puts it. But ALL of the material on bike fit, riding position, and injury diagnosis/treatment/prevention is identical to what’s in the paper version Bill reviewed. 

  The eBook has full-color photos and is searchable so information on specific medical problems can be quickly found. The eBook can be printed if you’d like Andy’s expertise on your bookshelf as well as on your computer.

  The eBook costs $12.95. There is no shipping/handling charge or sales tax (except for Pennsylvania residents). When RBR receives your order, we instantly reply with a download code. It’s that easy to obtain this excellent information.

  Get the eBook or get the paperback. Andy Pruitt’s advice will help your cycling for years to come.

Ed Pavelka

President, RBR Publishing Company

RUSA No. 73