More RUSA riders have joined the elite R-12 "club" this year. Notable among them is Dan Driscoll of Arlington, Texas.

The popular Dallas RBA has just earned his second R-12 award at a time when many riders are still wondering about getting their first. Three new R-12 laureates have also joined Dan on the list. Peter Beeson, John Kramer, and Albert Lutz all took advantage of the active randonneuring scene in the Pacific Northwest region. As Driscoll did in Texas, they rode a variety of brevets and permanents year-round in Washington and Oregon for 12 consecutive months.

In the Ultra-Randonneur award category, long-time randonneur Del Scharffenberg of Milwaukie, Oregon earned his "lifetime achievement" medal by riding ten Super Randonneur series of brevets between 1998 and this year; in 2000 he even rode two series.

Congratulations, gents!