Rider: Rob Hawks

I am somewhat new to randonneuring, and still pretty much at the "sponge" stage where I'm soaking up information and advice from other randonneurs. In late 2004 I began looking for a new frame to build up into the best brevet bike I could, given the budget I had (which was meager) for my first full brevet season in 2005. Imagine my surprise when on the Internet BOB email list (http://www.bikelist.org/mailman/listinfo/internet-bob) I found a FOR SALE listing for a used frame with a pedigree! Not only was Dave Yates, the builder of the frame a PBP ancien, the seller of the frame had ridden this bike on PBP and LEL. Plus, huge bonus points, it was in a color scheme I just loved. I have a weakness for the color blue.

I collected parts for the bike over a longish period of time, getting parts that were in some cases used, in other cases merely second hand, and then new parts where warranted. Alas, I didn't get the build finished in time for my first 2005 brevet, but I did have it ready for the Santa Rosa 300, 400 and 600k brevets.

On all my multi-geared bikes, I use bar end shifters, and the Dave Yates is no exception. I've tried STI and Ergo, and really didn't care much for that type of component so I stuck with what I knew and liked for my brevet bike. I run a chain-ring set-up using a 50-40-28 combination, with a 13-25 rear 8-speed cluster. While there is an E-6 lamp on the pictured bike, not included is the Schmidt SON 28 hub. I had changed over rims on the bike and hadn't yet switched out the front rim to an MA2 for the photo. Also not pictured are the Carradice Pendle on a Bagman rack that I use for the longer (or wetter) brevets, and the Cateye Micro I mount as my backup/downhill #2 light. After searching around for the right saddle for me, I have settled on Brooks B-17 Champion Specials, in the tan color. I use 42cm width Cinelli 64 style bars and use cloth tape, twine and shellac to finish that off. The fenders are Giles Berthoud stainless steel fenders in the 40mm width. Those cover 700c wheels with Continental Ultra 2000s in a 25 mm width. The shifters are Ultegra 8-speed bar ends, the derailleurs are Shimano 105s, and the crank set is a TA Zypher triple on a Phil Wood bottom bracket. I've managed to get parts from Japan, England, France, Italy, Germany and the USA.

To date, I've completed last year's 300, 400 and 600km brevets on this bike, and so far this year (as of Feb. 26th) I've ridden the 200 and 300k as well. The bike has performed wonderfully.

Had I been the original buyer, I expect I would have modified the design a little to suit personal preferences, but all in all this is a great design. The frame is a mix of several types of tubing: 531 for the fork, 631 for the main tubes and 725 for the rear stays. This mix is one of the options that the builder (http://www.daveyatescycles.co.uk/) offers. I've gotten lots of positive comments on the bike on just about any group ride I've done with my Dave Yates. With out a doubt, this bike is a keeper.