Some of our RUSA members can't get enough of randonneuring and ride a lot of brevets each season. One of them, Mark Behning of San Leandro, California, has been doing this for more years than we can remember. Mark is a two-time Randonneur-5000 laureate and a finisher of four Paris-Brest- Paris rides 1991-2003, with his most recent being done on a fixed-gear bike! Mark is also a finisher of the Gold Rush Randonnée. In addition to riding brevets, Mark is frequently seen helping various randonneuring clubs in northern California by driving sag and looking after riders in need of assistance.With his classic 1960s Citroen DS ambulance, he does it in style. More than one weary rider has seen "Bib" approaching on the top of the Citroen and always gives wave and a smile to the Mark and his little pal. Mark is a great guy and a pleasure to ride with. Look for him out on the road at a brevet near you, or at the next PBP.