By Tim Sullivan

In 2005 RUSA maintained its policy of retaining a strong financial base while also increasing the services to the members.

The 2005 Profit and Loss Statement that accompanies this report shows that the gross income for the year was $64,060.23. The largest source of income was the $36,013.37 received in membership dues. The membership fees received increased over 2004 due to the continued growth in our organization. The next largest source was comprised of medal sales totaling $15,304.74. But this included medal sales that occurred in 2004 with the money received in 2005.

Expenses totaled $51,905.48. The two largest items were for the American Randonneur newsletter and then for ACP-related expenses for either medal purchases or to process brevet results. The newsletter expense was actually lower per production considering the increase in membership and hence larger print runs and more mailings. There was also an extra production with the publishing of a separate results issue in addition to the quarterly newsletter. The newsletter editor has been able to lower costs by obtaining a non-profit postal permit and by watching the printing costs. RUSA purchases the medals sold to members from the Audax Club Parisien. In addition the ACP charges a fee to process all brevet results. Other expenses have been minimized due to the fact that RUSA is entirely a volunteer organization.

In 2005, RUSA implemented a new safety program by subsidizing the sale of reflective Sam Browne belts and leg bands at a reduced cost to members.

The net result of this is in 2005 RUSA had net income of $12,154.75. This compared to a net loss of $11,826.38 in 2004. One of the reasons for the change was the increase in the medal sales income. At the end of the year RUSA had $65,640.42 in its bank accounts. RUSA has no liabilities.

For 2006, the RUSA Board has approved expanding the RBA reimbursement program. In the past the Board has budgeted $5,000.00 to reimburse RBAs for expenses incurred in organizing their brevets. The budget for this program has been increased to $7,500.00. The Board will continue subsidizing the safety program and is examining other ways of promoting safety to our members.

If you have any ideas for promoting randonneuring, increasing benefits to the members, or implementing other safety programs, then please contact a Board member with your idea and thoughts.

--Tim Sullivan, RUSA Treasurer