Randonneurs USA members are required by RUSA rules of participation to wear reflective vests or sashes and ankle bands in any RUSA brevet that involves night riding. To facilitate this, RUSA has introduced a Safety in Cycling Program, that started with making Sayre RUSA imprinted reflective body sashes and ankle bands available to members at wholesale prices by visiting the RUSA website at www.rusa.org.

Now RUSA extends the program, by offering members free 3M Scotchlite Reflective Adhesive Material. 3M has donated a generous supply of Scotchlite Reflective Adhesive Material to RUSA to literally increase the visibility of cyclists on the road at night, and to increase awareness of the availability of its extensive Scotchlite line of reflective products.

The 3M 8850 Scotchlite Reflective Adhesive Material is weatherproof, durable and will stick to helmets, shoes, fenders, and hydration packs. A fabric version of this product is sewn into the back of every RUSA cycling jersey for added visibility and safety of long-distance cyclists out after dark. When Scotchlite is caught in car headlights, it illuminates with intensity making cyclists particularly visible at night.

To get your two free 9-inch strips of the 3M Scotchlite material, simply send a self-addressed, 39-cents stamped, #10 envelope to:

    RUSA Free 3M Scotchlite
    10 Bliss Mine Road
    Middletown, RI 02842

You must be a current RUSA member number and include your RUSA member number along with your request.

RUSA brevet participation is increasing every year. More and more cyclists are out on the roads at night; commuting, training and participating in organized events. While there is safety in numbers, there is also an abundance of 3M Scotchlite consumer products available to increase the visibility and safety of cyclists while riding at night and sharing the roads with vehicular traffic.

To learn more about the many variations of the versatile 3M Scotchlite product, visit their website located at http://www.3m.com/scotchlite .