Mark Thomas Re-elected

Welcome aboard to Terry Zmrhal and Tracey Ingle, who join RUSA's board, and to Mark Thomas for his re-election.

Terry Zmrhal has been a cyclist since 1984 and an active randonneur since 1991. He has completed PBP, BMB, BAM and numerous other events and served on the Seattle International Randonneurs for many years, including three as treasurer. He also helped organize last year's inaugural Cascade 1200.

He has served with the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association for 10 years, organizing more than 20 events. He is also a RAAM finisher on a two- person team) and has finished PBP twice.

Tracey Ingle, who was elected RBA Liaison, has been running the Boston brevet series since 2002. A self-employed attorney, she is active on several volunteer boards.

• A randonneur since 1998, Mark Thomas has logged 30,000 kilometers in sanctioned events and completed PBP twice, London-Edinburgh-London, BMB, the Rocky Mountain 1200 and the Cascade 1200, which he helped organize. He has been Seattle's RBA since 2000 and a RUSA board member since 2003.

He has also administered RUSA distance awards and served as coordinator for the Flèches USA.

Retiring Members

Many thanks to all the others who stood for election, and special thanks go out to RUSA's two retiring board members, Jennifer Barber and Lois Springsteen.

Jenn Barber began serving as RBA for Central/Western New York in 2002 and served as the RBA Liaison for the past two years. She rode PBP in 2003.

"Jenn has been an exemplary RBA Liaison," said RUSA board member John Lee Ellis. "She's represented and communicated the Board's positions very well (and also RBAs' points of view), and has also spent lots of time helping out RBAs who were in need of a fair amount of help to get up to speed."

Jenn is presently cataloging all the brevet routes that are in use by RBAs.

"The rides database has been a 'concept' from early on," Ellis said. "Jenn chose to take on the job of acquiring and validating the many, many routes that have developed since the early days of RUSA. This is a practical help to us, and also makes us a more mature organization."

Lois Springsteen has been an integral part of the RUSA leadership team since the organization's founding in 1998. During the past seven years she developed RUSA's membership procedures and website while serving on the board.

She will remain the Brevet Coordinator and will continue to work on RUSA's behalf to coordinate the event schedule and homologate all ACP and RUSA brevets.