Seventeen RUSA members were awarded the prestigious R-5000 award in 2005.

The award was created in 1961 by Audax Club Parisien to honor cyclists who completed 5,000 kilometers during a four-year period of events sanctioned by Randonneurs Mondiaux.

To qualify, the successful randonneur must complete a full BRM series (200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000k), a Paris-Brest-Paris, a Flèche Vélocio and additional brevets to bring the total distance up to 5,000 km.

Several clubs had multiple cyclists receiving the award. Six riders came from California's Davis Bike Club, while five belonged to Seattle International Randonneurs and two were from DC Randonneurs.

Jim Gerpheide, a member of San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, had the longest stretch between his first and last qualifying events — 46 months. He began his quest for the medal in May 2001 and finished in March 2005.

SIR rider Dave Read had the quickest completion of five months. He logged his first qualifying event in March 2003 and his last in August 2003.

The R-5000 award is familiar to three recipients. Amy Rafferty, Mark Behning and Peter McKay each earned their second R-5000 in 2005.

RUSA #NameClub NameFirst EventLast EventMonths Elapsed
887Behning, MarkDavis Bike Club2/1/20037/19/200530
1358Eukel, DerekDavis Bike Club2/1/20033/26/200526
1615Kaplan, MartinDavis Bike Club3/16/20024/10/200425
1571Kowallis, ReidDavis Bike Club8/31/20024/10/200419
1716Penegar, DavidDavis Bike Club3/1/20037/19/200529
813Rafferty, AmyDavis Bike Club3/1/20037/19/200529
1811Quarterman, JohnDavis Francisco Randonneurs3/22/20039/18/200418
126 Gerpheide, Jim San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club 5/5/2001 3/5/2005 46
341 Werner, Glen Rocky Mountain Cycling Club 5/4/2003 6/11/2005 5
2250 Rosenbauer, Tom Randonneurs USA 3/29/2003 9/13/2005 29
678 Casciato, Robert DC Randonneurs 4/13/2002 5/7/2005 37
1256 Sheldon, Bob DC Randonneurs 4/12/2003 6/25/2005 26
1168Johnson, PaulDavis International Randonneurs9/14/20025/21/200420
797McKay, PeterDavis International Randonneurs3/15/20037/30/200529
1684Pieper, AmyDavis International Randonneurs3/15/20037/30/200529
1685Pieper, RobinDavis International Randonneurs3/15/20036/25/200415
1310Read, DaveDavis International Randonneurs3/15/20038/18/20035