During autumn three new names were added to the list of RUSA R-12 laureates, and they were all randonneuses.

Susan France of Newberg, OR, Rani Freeman of Carrollton, TX, and Brenda Barnell of Dallas, TX all rode 12 consecutive months with a brevet or permanent of 200 kms or longer.

The first weekend in December saw a flurry of permanents ridden and four more randonneurs also joined the list. Texans Gary Gottlieb, Ronnie Bryant and Bob Riggs all finished their series, while David Miller of Ohio is the most traveled R-12 winner so far—during 2005 he rode randonneuring brevets in Florida, Ohio, New York, Colorado, and Texas to bag his 12 counting events.

A new name was added to the Ultra-Randonneur Roll of Honor: Ken Bonner of Victoria, British Columbia is the latest RUSA member to ride 10 Super Randonneur series of 200-300-400-600k brevets. Ken is legendary in our sport, and rightly so. In some years he rode as many as three SR series in various regions of the Pacific Northwest, along with his many 1200k events around the globe.

Congratulations to all these audacious randonneurs and randonneuses!