Peter Noris

My experience includes Super Randonneur 8 times; Last Chance 2004; PBP 2003; RM1200, 2002; BMB 1200, 2001, randonneur since 1991 (including, alas a DNF at PBP that year).

I believe the best way to improve our sport is to bring more riders into randonneuring by establishing more regions and rides. This will benefit current members by increasing the number of rides around the country to provide an excuse to travel to interesting locales or opportunities to make up rides missed for personal reasons. My approach would be to expose potential riders and RBAs to our sport by seeking publicity in sports pages, sports magazines, local club newsletters and bicycle industry publications. My experience is that providing rides nearby will bring out new participants.

Lois Springsteen

I started cycling in 1983 and I rode my first brevet in 1990 in preparation for the 1991 Paris Brest Paris du Centenaire. If it wasn't for my mentor and now husband, Bill Bryant, I surely would have failed! I got hooked on randonneuring and I've been riding brevets ever since. I've been fortunate to complete Paris Brest Paris four times, the Gold Rush Randonnée in 2001 (after coordinating the route design), I earned the R-5000 medal in 2001, and if my luck holds, I'll try Boston-Montréal-Boston next year. In addition to riding for myself, with the help of my friends and family, I've raised over $70,000 by riding for charity during the past 10 years. Randonneuring has given me the gift of some fine memories and very precious friends.

In the early years of my participation in ACP events, I felt frustrated by the lack of responsiveness by the American national organization, so when I had an opportunity to become an early member of RUSA, I jumped at the chance. It's been my privilege to serve RUSA since its inception with a very fine group of dedicated individuals. I've served on the Membership Committee, been Vice President, and currently serve as Brevet Coordinator, preparing all of our ACP results for homologation in France. I've represented the USA at the quadrennial RM meetings in Paris, too. In addition to my active involvement in RUSA's day-to-day operations, I am one of the Regional Brevet Administrators for Santa Cruz Randonneurs and was a control organizer at the most recent GRR. I'm proud of my active role in keeping randonneuring strong, both in northern California and across the U.S.A.

Thanks to the dedication of the RBAs, we now have 41 active regions and over 1,650 current members enjoying this beautiful sport by riding or volunteering or doing both. We recently won the Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux 1er Pays Organisateur 2004 trophy for which we can all take pride. As a RUSA founder, director, RBA and rider, I would be honored if you would allow me to continue to serve another term on the Board of Directors.

Lois Springsteen


Jim Solanick

Occupation: Yacht Captain

I rode my first two brevet series in 1994 and 1995 to qualify for PBP. Yes, the good old days when Americans had to do two years to qualify! A few years later, almost 60 brevets, 13 finishes in 1200km events and 8 years as an RBA are history. There must be an allure, something magnetic that drives me to train, travel and ride these long distance rides. I do enjoy seeing my ultra friends and exchanging stories, training ideas and ways to cope with individual rides and courses. The open road is a wonderful place isn't it?

During the evolution of my education I have learned a few things that I can pass along to the RUSA membership. The learning curve was a steep one at first and Victor and Gladys Gallo taught me many useful things. My years as an RBA were a busy time where people came to Florida from all over the country to escape the cold and get in some early brevets. These people brought ideas and I learned from them.

Now is the time for me to help continue the good deeds of hard working volunteers that have made RUSA the excellent organization that it has grown to be. If elected to the board, I will, as I have always done, do my best.

Thank you.

Mark Thomas

I am running for re-election to the RUSA Board out of love for the sport and a desire to help nurture its continued growth in the US. I have been a randonneur since my first brevet and first Super Randonneur series in 1998.

As a rider, I have enjoyed and endured the ups and downs of over 30,000 kilometers of ACP, RM, and RUSA events, including PBP twice, London- Edinburgh-London, Boston-Montreal-Boston, the Cascade 1200, and the Rocky Mountain 1200.

In 2000, I became the RBA in Seattle, where a large group of dedicated volunteers has built one of the world's most active randonneur clubs. Since 2000, we have witnessed a 3-fold increase in membership and an 8-fold increase in ridership (measured by RUSA points). I helped to organize (and then had the privilege to ride) the inaugural edition of the Cascade 1200 this past June.

With RUSA, it has again been my privilege to work with a great group of talented and dedicated volunteers. My roles have included serving as a Board member (since 2003), administrator of the RUSA distance awards, and coordinator for the Flèches USA.

When not riding, I work as the CFO of a wireless data services company and hang out with my exceptionally tolerant family—wife Chris (with whom I own a bicycle shop), son Philip, and daughter Elena. Favorite saying (repeated often—on cold, wet brevets and warm, sunny rides alike): "It's a beautiful day . . . and we're on our bicycles."

Terry Zmrhal

I've been a cyclist since 1984 and randonneuring since 1991. In that time I've met wonderful, friendly people all over the US and had amazing experiences and memories—all because of cycling. In that time I've also accumulated a breadth of experience to support me as a RUSA Board member both on the bike and off. This includes completion of PBP, BMB, BAM, and many other events; serving on the SIR board for many years including the past three as Treasurer and organizer of the Cascade 1200; serving with the UMCA for the past 10 years; and organizing at least 20 events in that time.

RUSA has had an amazing start and I would hope to bring my experience and my passion for cycling to the RUSA board to help RUSA fulfill its purposes of promoting randonneuring and serving its members.