By Mark Thomas

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Randonneuring in the U.S. owes much of its success to dedicated volunteers, and the Cascade 1200 was no exception. As the local RBA, a co- organizer of the event, and a rider of the event, I can't say enough to thank the more than 50 volunteers who helped with the Cascade 1200. Before the ride, many people helped to plan the ride, to scout the route, to arrange for food and lodging and other logistics on the route, and to house and transport out-of-town riders. During the four day event, over 40 volunteers helped out on the route in various capacities, led by super- volunteer Terry Zmrhal, who seemed to be everywhere and who probably slept less than the vast majority of participants.

But don't take my word for it alone—here's a sampling of what other riders had to say:

• The support was perfect.

• Many thanks to all the folks that organized &/or volunteered to make the Cascades 1200 a very positive experience!

• All the SIR volunteers should be proud of this very well supported ride

• The control guys in Malott were my same favorite folks. It seemed like we only saw them at night. They were encouraging, helpful and supplied the now familiar soup, sandwich and coffee.

• The Seattle International Randonneurs club volunteers who sponsored this ride were absolutely fantastic. Besides being incredibly organized, everyone involved was focused on providing the best experience possible and offered support and encouragement throughout the ride. We could not have done it with out their encouragement.

• The volunteers are terrific as we make our way into the hotel. The applause is the most welcoming sound I have heard in four days.

• The attitude and help of the volunteers was great and really helped to push me along. Smiles, even if bleary eyed, were welcomed.

• Again, can't say enough about the volunteers.

• I especially was impressed with the "non-control" controls, which seemed to magically appear whenever they were most needed.

• Plenty of very friendly and helpful volunteers.

• PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE thank all the wonderful volunteers that worked this ride. They were just great and made this the best supported, most fun (although hardest) ride I've done.

• Please pass on my warmest thanks to all of the organizers and support people on the ride. They did an amazing job and made all of us feel right at home. There were also a number of rider support personnel at the controls that provided help. Please extend my thanks to them as well should the opportunity arise.

• Great group of volunteers!

• Thanks for everything!