The Randonneurs Mondiaux recently released its yearly totals for brevet participation in 2003 and Randonneurs USA is proud to announce that our members have earned an excellent second-place. Each Paris-Brest-Paris results in a year of increased randonneuring participation around the globe, but particularly in France. As usual, this propelled the host country to the top of the list, while the United States kept its ranking well ahead of the others. (In 2002, the positions of France and the U.S.A. were reversed.) Along with perennial powerhouse United Kingdom, another country showing remarkable growth was Italy, as well as newcomers Japan and Greece. Looking at the ever-growing list of participating nations from all corners of the globe, one can see that the randonneuring movement is healthy and growing—especially in the United States. 2003 was another busy, successful year for our hard-riding members. Randon-neurs USA sends out hearty congratulations to all the riders and event organizers who made it happen. BRAVO!

(On the accompanying chart, each brevet finisher earns his or her country a point per hundred kilometers. For example, a successful 200k means two points, a 300k earns three points, a 400k equals four points, etc. The counting points are all the standard brevet distances up to 1000 kilometers, but flèche team rides and PBP are not counted in the totals.)