The ACP has announced a special 200k award this year for 100 people around the world, to celebrate the 200,000th homologation of a Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux 200k.

Jean-Gualbert Faburel, ACP's results coordinator for all foreign nations, has asked RUSA to notify him when any of the following people do a 200k this year so that they may receive a special medal. RUSA has also been asked to send their brevet cards to France for a special stamp.

The list was developed by Bob & Suzanne Lepertel to thank people for their involvement in BRM.

The American riders that have been selected by the ACP for this honor are: James Kuehn; Johnny Bertrand; Mary Woodside; Melinda Lyon; Bob Breedlove; Janice Tower; Donna Dickie Kuehn; and Bill Bryant.

Congratulations to those RUSA members!