CREYTS, Timothy T | Pennsylvania Randonneurs | 938017

Cert No. Type Km Date Region Route Time Medal
2019 Annual Total: 700 km
232435 ACPB 300 2019/03/30 PA: Eastern Hawks Nest 13:03  
RUSA-T87328 RUSAT 200 2019/01/26   NJ: Chicken Gristle 200k 09:29  
RUSA-B14228 RUSAB 200 2019/02/09 PA: Eastern Little Britain 08:50  
2018 Annual Total: 1320 km
RUSA-B13152 RUSAB 200 2018/02/03 PA: Eastern Loop Around Lancaster 08:57  
RUSA-B13140 RUSAB 200 2018/01/20 PA: Eastern Hopewell 08:45  
639132 ACPB 200 2018/06/09 PA: Eastern Hawks Nest 200 08:55  
RUSA-B13968 RUSAB 200 2018/12/01 PA: Eastern route 680 (unnamed) 09:51  
643219 ACPB 200 2018/07/07 PA: Eastern Yet Another River to River Ride 08:26  
648123 ACPB 200 2018/09/08 PA: Eastern Hawk Mountain 200k 08:35  
RUSA-P14626 RUSAP 120 2018/08/18 NJ: NYC and Princeton route 375 (unnamed) 04:41  
2017 Annual Total: 1000 km
584082 ACPB 200 2017/09/16 NJ: NYC and Princeton Central Jersey 07:12  
RUSA-B12418 RUSAB 200 2017/02/04 PA: Eastern Loop Around Lancaster 08:52  
RUSA-B12390 RUSAB 200 2017/01/14 PA: Eastern Beyond Hope to New Hope 10:20  
RUSA-B12840 RUSAB 200 2017/11/11 PA: Eastern Blue Mountain 200k 08:57  
582658 ACPB 200 2017/09/09 PA: Eastern A Victory to Remember 08:20  
2016 Annual Total: 600 km
535090 ACPB 200 2016/09/25 NJ: NYC and Princeton route 343 (unnamed) 11:26  
516586 ACPB 200 2016/03/19 PA: Eastern Lackawanna 200K 11:02  
RUSA-B11844 RUSAB 200 2016/10/22 PA: Eastern PA Classic 200 12:07  
Grand Total 3620 kms

ACP SR indicates that the rider completed a Super Randonneur Series according to the ACP rules (ACP brevets of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km where longer events cannot be substituted for shorter ones).

RUSA SR indicates that the rider did not complete an ACP SR but did complete a Super Randonneur Series according to the broader RUSA rules (ACP or RUSA brevets of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km, where longer events, including RM randonnées, can be substituted for shorter ones missing from the series).

The annual total shown for each year is based on the distance accumulated on RM, ACP, and RUSA events on RUSA's calendar. The minimum qualifying distance for team events is used (i.e., 360km for a flèche) even if the team covered a greater distance. RUSA permanents count toward the annual total; however, between 2004-2008, a particular route's distance was counted just once per year for the RUSA distance award qualification. The 'qualifying total' is shown if it differs from the annual total for these years.

Results from Paris-Brest-Paris and other foreign events are not shown because these are not RUSA-organized events.