RBAs are permitted to pre-order ACP brevet medals for distribution to finishers only if the medal is included in the brevet entry fee and is provided to all finishers. Otherwise, individual finishers must purchase their medals through the RUSA online store.

Your cost per medal is shown in the table below and includes shipping. Medals will be shipped to you as soon as the quantity requested is available.

Populaire pins are also available. These are 1-1/8" in diameter and are intended for distribution to all populaire finishers, including non-members.

Order carefully: pre-ordered medals and pins may not be returned to RUSA for credit; however, if you have excess supplies, RUSA will try to assist you in finding other regions or countries that may have a shortage.

Payment for medals and pins will be due at the conclusion of the season. A summary of your region's orders, shipments, and payments can be viewed here.

This form is for RBA pre-orders of current-series medals and pins.

For individual medal sales, visit the RUSA online store.


Item Description Price (each) Quantity Photo
RUSA Populaire Pin $2.50 view
ACP 200km brevet medal (2016-2019) $10.00 view
ACP 300km brevet medal (2016-2019) $10.00 view
ACP 400km brevet medal (2016-2019) $10.00 view
ACP 600km brevet medal (2016-2019) $10.00 view
ACP 1000km brevet medal (2016-2019) $10.00 view
Fleche Lapel Pin $2.50 view