Route number 3072
Route name NorCal Traverse
Distance (km) 614
Shape point-to-point
Reversible? N
Free-route? no
Super Randonnée? yes
Climbing (ft) 37157
Climbing (m) 11325
Time limit (hours) 60
Location from Arcata, CA to Truckee, CA
Dates available 05/01-09/30
States Covered CA
Contact Andrea Achilli
Fee $10
Date approved 2016/04/17
Last reviewed 2017/06/14
Description Epic mixed-terrain ride (~ 70 miles of gravel) through one of the most remote areas of California over diverse ecosystems, from coastal redwood forests to alpine meadows, and dramatic buttes in the Sierras. Scarce number of services available along the course.
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