Route number 2439
Route name The Big Guns 1016K
Distance (km) 1016
Shape point-to-point
Reversible? Y
Free-route? no
Climbing (ft) 27599
Climbing (m) 8412
Location from Portland, OR to Whitefish, MT
Dates available 05/01-10/31
States Covered ID, MT, OR, WA
Contact Susan Otcenas
Fee $0
Date approved 2014/09/08
Last reviewed 2014/09/08
Description A stunningly beautiful route travelling the length of the Columbia River Gorge, passing through the vast open spaces of SE Washington, traversing Idaho via the iconic Trail Of the Couer díAlene, conquering Thompson Pass, crossing the vast plains of the Flathead Indian Reservation, and finishing in scenic Whitefish, MT. Either end of the route is easily accessible to Amtrak, so the route can be conveniently ridden in both directions.
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