Route number 2252
Route name Orr Ternion 3 (Lakeport-SF)
Distance (km) 226
Shape point-to-point
Reversible? Y
Free-route? no
Climbing (ft) 8200
Climbing (m) 2499
Location from Lakeport, CA to San Francisco, CA
Dates available 01/01-12/31
States Covered CA
Contact Massimiliano Poletto
Fee $0
Date approved 2014/02/12
Last reviewed 2014/02/12
Description This is part three of a three-stage break-down of the "Orr Springs 600" permanent (RUSA permanent #2194, based on RUSA brevet #1513). The three-stage option allows riders to enjoy the course at a more moderate pace, with overnight rest stops on the Mendocino coast and along the shore of Clear Lake. Stage 3 connects Clear Lake to San Francisco. Highlights include Cobb Mountain (the highest point of the 600km loop), a dirt climb up Mt. St. Helena,and miles of bucolic Marin farmland back to San Francisco.
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