Route number 2251
Route name Orr Ternion 2 (Anchor Bay-Lakeport)
Distance (km) 215
Shape point-to-point
Reversible? Y
Free-route? no
Climbing (ft) 11900
Climbing (m) 3627
Location from Anchor Bay, CA to Lakeport, CA
Dates available 01/01-12/31
States Covered CA
Contact Massimiliano Poletto
Fee $0
Date approved 2014/02/12
Last reviewed 2014/02/12
Description This is part two of a three-stage break-down of the "Orr Springs 600" permanent (RUSA permanent #2194, based on RUSA brevet #1513). The three-stage option allows riders to enjoy the course at a more moderate pace, with overnight rest stops on the Mendocino coast and along the shore of Clear Lake. Stage 2 connects Anchor Bay, on the Mendocino Coast, to Lakeport, on Clear Lake, via remote roads (some unpaved) in the Coastal and Mendocino Ranges. It allows all riders to see beautiful Orr Springs Road in daylight. By contrast, on the full 600K all but the fastest cyclists will reach Orr Springs after dark.
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