Route number 2222
Route name Bonny Doom 200
Distance (km) 201
Shape point-to-point
Reversible? Y
Free-route? no
Climbing (ft) 9800
Climbing (m) 2987
Location from San Francisco, CA to San Jose, CA
Dates available 01/01-12/31
States Covered CA
Contact Massimiliano Poletto
Fee $0
Date approved 2014/01/27
Last reviewed 2014/01/27
Description San Francisco to San Jose the long and scenic way. The first half of the ride features spectacular ocean views, cliffs, beaches, rolling hills, and some dirt roads for good measure. The second half is a true mountain stage, with long climbs through stunning forests of oak, bay, fir, and redwood. The course traverses the largest stand of ancient Coast Redwoods south of San Francisco. The name is a play on Bonny Doon, a lungbusting 2500ft vertical climb at mile 75 that was also featured in the Tour of California.