Route number 2179
Route name Davis Trinity
Distance (km) 246
Shape point-to-point
Reversible? Y
Free-route? no
Climbing (ft) 10000
Climbing (m) 3047
Location from San Francisco, CA to Davis, CA
Dates available 01/01-12/31
States Covered CA
Contact Massimiliano Poletto
Fee $0
Date approved 2013/12/31
Last reviewed 2013/12/31
Description A less-than-direct route between San Francisco and Davis, two centers of bike culture. The course packs much variety into a moderate distance: the cliffs and ocean views of southern Marin; rolling dairy country; the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa valleys; Sonoma Mountain, with its astonishing summit redwood grove; Trinity Grade, a notorious Bay Area climb, the rugged chaparral of the southern Mayacama range and, finally, the flats of the Central Valley. Amtrak provides convenience transportation back to the Bay Area.